Thursday, July 19, 2012

Healthy Eats at Cafe Mediterranean

I'm trying to will myself to go back to a healthy diet so it's only apt to feature a restaurant that I go to when I want to feel less guilty about eating out. 

Cafe Mediterranean has always been my go to place when I want a tasty and satisfying meal without completely throwing my diet out of the window.

photo (4)
Mall of Asia branch

Food at Cafe Mediterranean is mostly grilled with some greens. The key is to skip on the carbs when seriously counting calories. Here are some sample plates:
Moussaka (190php)
layered eggplant, ground meat, and bechamel sauce

photo 3
Grilled Beef Kebab (280php)

photo 2
Pollo Panini (170php)
grilled chicken breast with mozarella cheese and basil leaves

photo 1
Portobello Burger (265php)

Grilled Fish Kebab (225php)

Cafe Mediterranean has several branches in Metro Manila. For more information, click here

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