Monday, November 21, 2011

Memorable Nuat Thai

Nuat Thai is an affordable Thai massage parlor that has mushroomed all over Metro Manila. 

Pearl Drive branch

I visited its Pearl Drive branch where I had a dirt-cheap 125php one hour body massage thanks to an Ensogo deal. 

Receiving Area

List of Services

Space was limited but Nuat Thai did try to create a relaxing and peaceful environment for its clients.

Foot Massage Area


The Massage Room

With my very low expectations given the cheap rate, Nuat Thai still failed to deliver a satisfying massage experience. Instead of being rejuvenated, I felt tired and harassed after the session because I was subjected to stretching positions that were acrobatic in nature haha

I honestly can't help but laugh whenever I remember the day Nuat Thai turned me into a pretzel. Looking at the bright side though, the trip to Nuat Thai was at least memorable, albeit for all the wrong reasons.

Nuat Thai has branches all over the Philippines. For more information, click here.


Anonymous said...

What you described is typical of thai massage. You probably like the swedish because you hated this type. This is a massage for a "stiff" person because of it's focus on improving flexibility rather than deep muscle massages.

I like thai exactly for those benefits :-)

Glutton Is Me said...

Thai is actually my favorite type of massage. I was just stretched to the extreme during this instance.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me you do not know the different types of massages and you just went to something you have no idea about. Maybe you just did it because of the cheap groupon, but, please, educate yourself before you say you were harassed.

Glutton Is Me said...

@Anonymous 10:48am


It's true! I went to Nuat Thai Pearl Drive because of the dirt cheap, unbelievable price of the deal.

I would understand how this post would upset say the owner of Nuat Thai; however this was my experience and as a customer I did feel that I was harassed.

Don't tell me to educate myself as I've been to different Thai massage parlors here in Manila as well as in Thailand and this particular experience was out of the ordinary.

Besides, who are you to contradict my account? Were you with me during my session?

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