Thursday, June 10, 2010

Our First Time at Bali Palace

It’s no secret that Curls and I are massage enthusiasts. A month isn’t complete without us meeting up to indulge in our favorite relaxing activity. We usually hunt for new Thai massage places to try but decided to give something different a go one Sunday night.

We went to a joint that specializes in Balinese massage therapy, Bali Palace. Balinese massage is an ancient traditional massage technique from Indonesia. What makes Balinese massage unique is that it brings together several practices such as massage therapy, acupressure, reflexology, and aroma therapy.

Here’s an account of our experience at Bali Palace.

CURLS: I was so impressed with the interiors of Bali Palace. It may look expensive since the interiors were superb making me hesitate to go inside at first. Good thing the security guard was very helpful and informative.

GLUTTON: Indeed! Bali Palace looked good with its Balinese inspired interiors. Dum and I have had our fair share of seedy massage places; thank God this was not one of them.

CURLS: We had to wait for at least 20 minutes because there was no massage girl available. I was just wondering why because the customers were not as many that we had to wait that long. But well, I am on my understanding mode that I did not even complain.

GLUTTON: Bali Palace earns the dubious record of letting me wait the longest out of all massage parlors I’ve been to. Good thing Dum was entertaining enough to make me forget that we were waiting for a long time as patience is not one of my virtues.

ROOMCURLS: The room we had was perfect for tomboys...not for us! At least the cushions on the floor were soft.

GLUTTON: It was too late when we realized that we were billeted in a couples room! As we were already settled, we no longer requested to be transferred to individual rooms. The couples room was at least big.

CURLS: When having a massage, I always choose the oil massage rather than the dry massage because I think it's more worth it. My Balinese Oil Massage (1 hour at 220php) was more expensive by 20php compared to Dee’s. At first, the massage was weird. She was concentrating on my toes and fingers which I found super weird. But as it progressed, I was satisfied with everything- massage girl's strength on me, ginger oil which heats up after being applied on your skin, and the strokes which are quite new compared to the usual Thai Massage in Tonton's and Pattaya. Unlike Thai massage, no participation required from the customer which means you can take a nap while having the massage except when you have to flip to the other side.

GLUTTON: I, on the other hand, have always preferred my massages to be dry so I chose Balinese Dry Massage (1 hour at 200php). Unlike Dum’s oil massage, I soon learned that Balinese and Thai techniques are somewhat similar except that Balinese massage involves less stretching. Balinese massage also gives much importance to the fingers and toes which I didn’t appreciate. I felt that other areas of the body which are prone to aches and pains should have been given more priority. My 1 hour Balinese massage, sadly, left me feeling bitin. I didn’t want the massage to end not because of pure bliss but because I felt that some kinks in my body were not given the proper attention.

CURLS: The massage ended with a yellow/rice tea which is what I miss in Ahavia.

GLUTTON: A tip bag with the name of your massage specialist is also thoughtfully placed on the tray with the tea.

CURLS: Overall, I was satisfied with the massage! I can't wait to go back to Bali Palace next month.

GLUTTON: While I still prefer the techniques of Tontons, I see myself going back to Bali Palace because of its cheap rate and superior interiors. Next time, I’ll just opt for a longer massage.

Update: Here's Bali Palace's list of services:

Bali Palace is located at107 D. Tuazon Avenue, Sta. Mesa Heights, Barangay Lourdes, Quezon City. Call them at 3536182.


-=K=- said...

The massage is less than P300?! Get out of here! :D hehe! But seriously, wow that's cheap! I thought I found the cheapest massage in TonTon's, but Bali Palace is cheaper! I love it! I love everything cheap. LOL!

Thanks for the info!

Dum & Dee said...

Hard to believe right? It's such a bargain!

annabanana said...

Hope you enjoyed your couples massage! Hihihi

Dum said...

ewwwwwww... haha!

Dee said...

Puhleezzz! Enjoy na enjoy ka nga e.

Anonymous said...

sinO ba nagmassage sainyO??c khat??kilala kO siya..hehehe..

Anonymous said...

pagbalik niyO dun ikumusta nyO kO kay khat..hehe..

Anonymous said...

hi po..ask ko lng kng nagcoconcentrate b cla s back..kc ung back ko ang pnkmskit sa ktwan ko..nghhnap po kc ako ng cheap pero mgndang massage..tnx po.=)

Dee said...

Hi. They offer services na ang concentration ay ang back. Try mo na lang :)

myla said...

tried the spa based from this review.. its was good the place is clean/tidy/quiet all that you need to really relax and the price is so affordable.... its a must try !

Thanks... My

Anonymous said...

It's my fave spa in d. tuazon after thewi thai massage. my fave theraphist is Belle and White. they are good. just have to tell them parts of your body where you want them to concentrate. mas ok tlaga ang may oil kasi it moisturizes the skin. by the way, just got home from Bali Palace. go there every week. and this makes me healthy and sick free. its really worth it. so clean, more affordable than the other spas there. :)

Unknown said...

Bali Palace (located in 107 D. Tuazon Avenue, Sta. Mesa Heights, Barangay Lourdes, Quezon City and here’s their number, 3536182) was recommended by my girl friend’s aunt because they often go there to get a massage and relax themselves. So I went there a few months ago with my girl friend. The place was okay. The ambiance was relaxing. They washed our feet 1st while we waited for our turn. We both had the Balinese Massage with oil for 1 hour. They gave us 2 hot towels eachs after the massage and hot tea as well. It was okay and I liked it, we both liked it. I told myself this is the place I want to go back to for relaxation. I was even planning to take my mom and dad there for a massage. However, I was disappointed with my 2nd (and maybe last) visit last March 15, 2014. It was a tiring Saturday so I decided to get a massage with my girl friend. Of course the only place I thought of was Bali Palace since the 1st experience was okay. We had a 10:30pm reservation. When we got there they did the usual, washed our feet while waiting for our turn. We had the same Balinese Massage with oil for an hour but plus a 30-minute foot reflexology since we enjoyed the 1st time we were there together. My girl friend enjoyed her massage. Her therapist was “Rain”. She said the massage was very soothing and the reflexology was good. The pressure was just right for her. Sadly, I DID NOT ENJOY my massage. My therapist was “Fame/Fane”. I was not given a massage so to speak. Fame just oiled my body! There was no pressure. The massage points were everywhere. She even hurt my lower back. For lack of better term this is what I told my girl friend, her aunt, and everyone who asked, “Hinaplos lang nya ako buong session eh. Nde naman nya ako minasahe, nilagyan lang nya ako ng maraming oil at hinawakan kung saan-saan. Sayang lang ung binayad ko sa massage pati ung reflexology, wala naman nangyari kung saan-saan lang pinalo ung pamalo nya pati shins ko tinatamaan. Na-stress lang ako lalo sa panghihinayang.” After my “haplos” session and my girl friend’s massage session we were given 2 hot towels each and a cup of hot tea. This is when I kept ranting to my girl about what happened. She even said, “Yeah I saw her doing nothing, akala ko nag-iisip si ate.” I even gave a tip which I really regret because again I did not get a massage. At least not the massage I was expecting. This was really a terrible experience in Bali Palace. I am writing this so that people will know and so that the management will be alarmed and do something about it. Again my therapist is called Fame/Fane and she was really terrible. What she did was not worth my money. Bali Palace is located in 107 D. Tuazon Avenue, Sta. Mesa Heights, Barangay Lourdes, Quezon City and their contact number is 3536182. I will never go back to this place because of their employee they call Fame/Fane.

Anonymous said...
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