Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Everything But The Steak at Wagyu Stone Grill

I remember complaining a few years back how far Eastwood is to where I live. Times, sadly, have not changed. Going to Eastwood is still a bitch but at least there’s something to look forward to every time I brave the commute given the numerous dining options in Eastwood as of late.

One Tuesday, I found myself in far-away Eastwood together with my mom and sister for an errand. It was nearly lunch when we reached Eastwood so we decided to eat first, buckle down to business later. Out of the countless interesting choices, we decided to dine at Wagyu Stone Grill.

Upon entry, I noticed that Wagyu Stone Grill looked chic and elegant as it should be given that a big part of the steak experience is the ambiance. Service was also impeccable with the wait staff promptly attending to our every need. When it was finally time to order, our attendant also efficiently answered our questions, proving that she was very familiar with the menu.

Green Pea Soup (included with any order of wagyu)

 At first, I was none too happy to learn that pea was the base of our soup but was thankfully proven wrong since the soup was creamy and delicious making me wipe out my bowl in record time. 

Green Salad with Poached Chicken (275php)
The vegetables were fresh and the fruits (mangoes and grapes) gave it the added flavor that brought this salad to a whole new level. This was excellent save for the small serving size. It looked more like a siding than a stand-alone dish.

Buffalo Wings (245php)

Seasoned very well. I would have wanted the skin to be a bit crispier but I reminded myself that we didn’t dine here for the wings.

New York Strip (220gat 1,295php)
What was supposed to be the pièce de résistance of our meal. It was served on a stone grill with the attendant instructing us to flip the meat after 30 seconds to allow it to cook evenly. I have to say that I had high expectations with this dish for I was eating at Wagyu Stone Grill after all, where stone grilling wagyu beef is supposedly their specialty.
Funny that I had trouble cutting the meat during my first attempt. This spelled trouble; thus, I was no longer surprised when I was underwhelmed by the flavors of the steak. Our attendant, ever the attentive trooper, asked how our meal was progressing at this point, and my mom politely expressed our disappointment with the steak. She got us gravy (que horror!) to enhance the taste while explaining that it could be because they do not put spices on their meat save for salt and pepper.

Having cooked my fair share of steaks, I know that the true gauge of good meat is when it still manages to shine with just the most basic of ingredients. Wagyu Stone Grill, to my surprise, failed miserably in this regard. The steak was bland and nowhere near special. My sister and I even had to argue on who will get the last piece of meat since neither of us wanted to eat it anymore. (I lost the battle.)

Next time I am craving for steak, I would opt to cook the meat myself than head to Wagyu Stone Grill. Not managing to deliver on their “specialty” is a deal breaker.

Wagyu Stone Grill is located at A121-A122 L2 Eastwood City Mall, Brgy. Ugong, Quezon City.


teacher said...

Dee cooks better steak than Wagyu Stone Grill!!!

mariamaria said...

Wow thanks for the post. i've always been curious about this restaurant so this post is so helpful.

Dee said...

Thanks teacher!

Glad to have helped mariamaria!

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