Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Different Flavors at Assad

I've always thought that Assad Cafe only serves Indian cusine. A trip to this old U.N. haunt, however, tells me otherwise.

Closing Time Facade

Spartan Surroundings

Assad Cafe, I learned, offers an eclectic mix of Persian, Indian, and Filipino food. 
Persian: Lamb Kebab
 Too sweet. Reminded me of longganisa. Didn't taste like lamb either.

Filipino: Spicy Fried Chicken
I love spicy food so this was a winner for me. Crispy and hot.

Indian: Samosa
This was actually bought from the Indian store next door. Too bad it was already cold as it had good flavors.

Assad Cafe is located at 1268 D. Midtown Executive Homes U.N. Avenue, Paco Manila. For more information call 5214996 or 4040319.
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