Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dear Kind Reader(s),

When my friend and I started a food blog exactly a year ago, little did I know that the blog will further ignite my already unwavering passion for food.

It spelled trouble as I have yet to see a food blogger who didn’t grow a double chin while in the line of duty.

Armed with this frightening observation, I decided to take a break from blogging.

I took a moment to reflect but quickly realized that there’s no point fighting a losing battle.

I can’t deny the glutton in me!

And so begins another attempt at maintaining a blog.

With this new blog Glutton Anonymous however, I am determined to unleash my voracious appetite only when necessary. I plan to be a light eater on regular days and only feast during special occasions.

Treat this blog as a diary of a recovering food addict. Join me in my journey as I try to find the balance between uninspired and decadent eating.

It is my hope that with this new perspective, I’ll be able to share more of the good things life has to offer, aside from food.

P.S. I included the archive of the old blog here in Glutton Anonymous so that we can all reminisce about the time in my life when being a glutton was my full time job.

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