Monday, August 15, 2011

My Chinese Encounter at Cinese Foot Spa

Believe it or not, I've hit the gym more times than the buffet table lately. 

Because of this miracle development, my body feels like it has been ran over by a speeding bus. 

I cope by indulging in a massage whenever I can and the last massage parlor I've tried is Cinese Foot Spa.

Parking slots are quite limited but there's always the option to park on the street.

I like that the lobby is well-lit. The receptionist was polite and professional.

Sofa was comfortable though I wish they had interesting magazines to keep me company.

Common Area TV
Unfortunately, I forgot to reserve a private room so I had my massage at a common area. While my neighbors were mostly quiet, the TV was quite a distraction. 

Massage Chair
I got a Chinese therapist for my massage and there was no doubt that she was skilled. Her strokes were confident and she managed to remove the aches of my body. Unfortunately, I also heard her complain to the receptionist before the massage that she was already very tired. No wonder she lacked finesse and I felt that she was rushing the process. She also had a heavy hand and was not gentle at all. It certainly was not the most relaxing massage experience but I still give points to my Chinese therapist for giving me a pain free body. 

Service Menu

Cinese Foot Spa is located at 17 M. Paterno Street San Juan. For more information, call 7239559 or 7272322. Mobile number is 09275840224.


Anonymous said...

Oh you should do Local for your first time visit. Chinese is always harder. You Body is not used to the Chinese one, just Imagine if you went with Master. You would get tore up lol. I am up to the point were I do Thai Massage to warm me up for Chinese Massage. This Place is the best spot to go to. I have been going there when their prices where 100 pesos cheaper. I have been always saticfied with the service there at Chinese Foot Spa. They are the best. I take the MRT to the Jeep and then walk to get there, and then after I eat at Charlies Grinder and grill on Ortigas Ave. Get the Wagu Burger and fries.

Fail420 said...

vegetables rock fool. you will die without them. *drops the mic*

Sheran said...

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alizybeth said...

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