Friday, June 4, 2010

Cheap Steals at Pure Gold Subic

I was in Subic last Labor Day Weekend. Witness what I was up to! This is the 2nd of 3 parts.

There’s a new Pure Gold complex in Subic and it’s so big that it’s hard to miss. After a few hours resting in our hotel room after our Tree Top Adventure, I decided to head to Pure Gold Duty Free Subic since I was curious what this huge depot in a new location offered.

The S&R Food Service at the entrance instantly caught my attention as it signified that there’s something different about this outlet. True enough, Pure Gold Duty Free, upon closer inspection, is actually a cross between a local Pure Gold outlet and members only warehouse store, S&R. The store has a good balance of local and imported items with clothing, footwear, perfume, and cosmetics thrown in the mix.

Pure Gold-Subic reminded me more of an S&R though since some items that I thought are exclusive to S&R are also available in Pure Gold Duty Free. The layout of the store and the overall shopping experience are also undeniably S&R.

Having just shopped at S&R a few weeks back, I realized, after exploring a few aisles, that prices in Pure Gold Duty Free were a great deal cheaper compared to S&R. I took this as my cue to hoard on items that I regularly consume. Here’s a portion of my loot bought on the cheap:

Pure Gold Duty Free: 940php

S&R: 249.95php
Pure Gold Duty Free: 169.20php

CADBURY DREAM WHITE CHOCOLATE 220G Other Groceries: 200++php
Pure Gold Duty Free: 155.57php

Pure Gold Duty Free is a must visit for any visitor of Subic. One gets to buy imported items at more affordable prices, without the costs that go with membership shopping.

Note: The exchange rate at the time of purchase was 44.76php to $1.00.

Pure Gold Duty Free Subic is along Rizal Avenue and Argonaut Highway (in front of Petron) Subic Bay Freeport Zone.


annabanana said...

Wow, so cheap!!! Makes me not want to go to S&R anymore!

Surreal Princess said...

Cool! something to look forward to on my next visit to subic! :)

EMA said...

wow that place is big and super cheap :D

Dee said...

Yes! Do visit when you have the opportunity!

Anonymous said...

dee.. snr and puregold has the same owner, that is why they have the same items.. hahaha.. pero weird that puregold is cheaper than snr.. all the same, smuggled kse kaya cheap..hahahaha

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