Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Rough Night at Ascend

Another Banawe escapade, another massage parlor to try. I didn’t enjoy my experience at Ascend though.

Ascend's Lobby

It's cheap... that's for sure!
I, in fact, hated my Chi-Thai massage for several reasons:

1. STUPID STICKS: I was excited to try the Chi-Thai massage because I thought it was going to be different for it utilizes sticks in the massage process. The massage indeed started with the sticks but it was all for show. There was no technique or science behind the use of the sticks and it certainly didn’t give any comfort to the body. Walang kwenta!!! Good thing the stick show only lasted for a few seconds.

2. ROUGH TECHNIQUES: I also felt that the techniques used for the massage were a little too rough for one to relax. I don’t mind a little stretching but the stretching component of Chi-Thai massage was simply too much. I was put in such awkward positions that I wondered if I would be breaking a bone in the process.

3. SLEEPY THERAPIST: My therapist was also probably tired from the long night that there were some instances wherein she just stopped from what she was doing. I guess that I should be thankful that she didn’t completely fall asleep as she resumed after a few seconds. This, however, is simply not acceptable.

It’s safe to assume that I will never go back to Ascend. There are far better massage joints in the market for me to return to this one.

Ascend Chi-Thai Therapy is located at 115 D. Tuazon Cor. Maria Clara St. Quezon City. It is open daily from 11am to 12midnight.Telephone number is 6646585.

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