Friday, September 10, 2010

Good Times at Pino

We were supposed to eat at Van Gogh is Bipolar but it wasn’t meant to be no thanks to the Van Gogh owner who was in Europe. Upon the suggestion of Lian, we decided to just eat at another Teacher’s Village establishment, Pino.

The wall illustrations capture Pino’s transfer from Maginhawa to Malingap. The restaurant exudes a hip vibe true to its yuppie market.

Pino offers Filipino fusion food as well as a decent selection of vegetarian dishes.

Taro Chips (60php) for appetizers
Crunchy with the right amount of salt. Perfect when dipped in the garlic-mayo sauce.

Tempura Oysters and Pearls (165php)
Good deal considering the number of oysters. Kudos to Pino for being experimental but this didn’t work. The breading was soggy and the soy sauce didn’t fit the overall taste. What I especially hated is the wasabi aftertaste this had.

Crispy Hito (365php)
My favorite! The hito was fresh and was perfect when dipped with the soy sauce. The ensalada also made this dish interesting.

Kare-kareng Bagnet (245php)
The kare-kare sauce was good but the bagnet was salty and not as crispy as it should have been. I still enjoyed this dish though because of the bagoong rice it was paired with.

Gambas & Squid Aligue Pasta (165php)
Not worth the calories and cholesterol as the pasta tasted like it was swimming in butter and not aligue.

Mango Banana Peanut Butter Roll
Dessert was burnt and dry. Barf.

Dinner at Pino isn’t complete without a few drinks as the flavored beers made Pino the popular hangout place that it is.

Watermelon Beer (75php)

Pino’s concoction is able to mask the general bitterness of the beer while still managing to preserve its soul. An excellent way to introduce beer to non-drinkers.

Margarita (120php)
Not my alcohol of choice but this certainly looked inviting.

If you want to have a good time and indulge in the novelty of flavored beer, Pino is the place for you.

Pino Resto Bar is located at 39 Malingap, Teachers Village Q.C. Call them at 4411773. For more details, pls. visit

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