Monday, November 28, 2011

Sonya's Garden Meal and More

For over a decade now, Sonya Garcia has been welcoming guests to her private sanctuary, Sonya's Garden

Sonya's Garden is a Tagaytay institution known for serving country cuisine using fresh organic ingredients.

It's been a long while since I last visited Sonya's Garden and it was time that I make a return trip considering my new found desire to eat healthier this year. 

Street To Enter for Sonya's Garden

Sonya's Gate

The path leading to the main dining hall is surrounded by greenery. Most guests explore the garden before eating to take pictures and appreciate the calming scenery.

The al fresco dining area, at least to me, looked like a greenhouse with its transparent roof and clear walls. It was spacious with a relaxed atmosphere making it the perfect venue to have a leisurely meal.

A Portion of the Dining Area

Sonya's Garden offers an eat all you can set menu at 610.00php per pax. It is comprised of: 

Dalandan Juice
Refreshing but nothing special

Wholewheat Sesame Bread with Homemade Dips  (mushroom pate, white cheese or kesong puti, bruschetta tomato, basil pesto, anchovies)
The bread was freshly baked and tasty. I adored pairing the bread with the mushroom pate because it gave the bread a creamy texture with a slightly sweet flavor. I also enjoyed the white cheese and basil pesto toppings. The dip I liked the least was the anchovies as it was too salty.

Green Salad of Lettuce and Arugula
With Mango, Broad Beans, Pineapple, Cucumber, Jackfruit, Eggs, Nuts plus Sonya's Secret Dressing

This is the small serving of  fresh and crunchy vegetables that I had. My salad creation was such a joy to eat because it had  a lot of mangoes, nuts, eggs, and jackfruit in it. Healthy though, it was not.

Pasta with Sun Dried Tomato and Creamy Chicken with Mango Sauces plus toppings such as ratatouille, salmon belly, shitake mushrooms, black olives, capers and grated parmesan cheese, pepperoncini. 
The sauces have the tendency to taste old after a few forkfuls so I usually combine both sauces to achieve a more complex flavor. The salmon was overcooked more than usual during our visit.

Mini Turon
I have always loved turon and it was no different with Sonya's version. Extra props for it not being overly sweet and oily.

Glazed Sweet Potato
Too rich a dessert for me

Tarragon Tea
Warm tea to cap a surprisingly full and heavy meal at Sonya's Garden

Aside from eating at Sonya's Garden, one can also...

Buy Herbs,

Purchase Organic Products,

Have A Massage,

Stay at the Bed and Breakfast,

and Visit the Panaderia.

From all the activities to choose from, I headed straight to the Panaderia (unsurprising I know!!!).

The Compact Store that Could

Sonya's Panederia Menu Board

In order to compensate for the healthy meal that I had, I bought some goodies from the Panaderia:

Homemade Chocolate Cake
The cake was actually served with the set menu and I loved it so much that I brought home a whole cake. Soft, moist, and has the right level of sweetness. 

Adobo Roll
It has strong adobo flavors with big chunks of chicken inside. It was too salty though.

Spanish Bread
The creamy consistency and exquisite ingredients elevated this neighborhood panederia staple to another level.

Raisin Bread
Generous amount of raisins with strong cinnamon flavors

Cheese Hopia
One of the Panederia's bestsellers, the hopia is made from pure parmesan cheese. I especially loved the combination of sweet hard crust mixed with delicate salty cheese. So addicting to eat.

As you might have noticed, I failed to have a healthy meal at Sonya's Garden because I went crazy with the  breads at the Panederia

Admittedly, I did enjoy the Panederia more than the set menu offering but I would still recommend the restaurant because one hasn't truly experienced Tagaytay without having a meal at Sonya's Garden 

Consider it as a rite of passage to Tagaytay.

Sonya's Garden is located at Barangay Buck Estate, Alfonso, Cavite, Philippines. For more information, click here

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