Sunday, June 27, 2010

Fresh Twist with Pringles Lemon and Sesame

Whenever we’re shopping for groceries, I always look for the green can of Pringles since sour cream is my favorite flavor. A tip from my friend Pristine, however, got me curious and made me try the new Fruit & Nut line of Pringles.

I finally spotted the intriguing new flavors of Pringles at Rustan’s Fresh Il Terazzo since this new line is not readily available in groceries. It was a choice between Blueberry &Hazelnut or Lemon & Sesame flavors with me eventually buying the latter since I found the former to be a very weird junk food flavor to try.
At home, I excitedly opened my can of Pringles Lemon & Sesame(69php) but had to eat a few chips and allow the new flavors to settle in my mouth before I was able to decide if I liked it or not. Here were my thoughts:
  • It does taste like lemon.
  • The sesame flavor is nonexistent.
  • This is surprisingly good!
  • Uh oh...I can’t stop!!!
With this yummy development, I will try the Blueberry & Hazelnut flavor the next chance I get. While my love for the Pringles Sour Cream has not waned, this new flavor is a good alternative when I’m craving for something different.


The Perpetrator said...

urgh, i wonder how blueberry & hazelnut pringles taste like! ;P

teacher said...

I didn't get to try this one!

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