Monday, December 5, 2011

Let Us Eat Cake!

With Christmas just around the corner, there's no better time for me to share some of the cakes I've recently tried.

Continue reading to have an idea on what cake to bring to any merrymaking...

Delize's Concorde

I finally got to try the best privately baked cake in Manila and let me tell you that it did live up to its hype. For someone who doesn't like chocolate cakes, I certainly enjoyed the chocolate overload.  Imagine having crisp chocolate meringe with chewy chocolate fudge brownie. Heaven!

Conti's Peach Walnut Torte

This cake reminded me of brazo de mercedes because it was very airy. The foam dominated the cake more than anything else.

Homemade by Roshan's Mango Walnut Torte

The cake was pretty to look at but I felt that it was missing something. To be fair, my expectations were high since I've heard a lot of positive reviews about the creations of Roshan. The mangoes could have been sweeter and the walnuts could have been crunchier.

Aristocrat's Grand Chocolate Cake

They didn't call this grand for nothing. The dark chocolate flavor overwhelmed and I couldn't quite manage more than a couple of bites.

Conti's Mango Bravo

The classic cake that put Conti's on the map is still as enjoyable as I remembered it to be. It's hard to go wrong with a cake that has mangoes, wafer, cream, and chocolate syrup.

Becky's Kitchen's Swiss Chocolate Cake

Soft and light with the perfect harmony of coffee and mocha flavors. The toffee in the middle was such a treat that I managed to finish the slice in no time.

Costa Brava's Classic Sansrival

Too rich and buttery that I had to scrape the top layer off to lessen the calorie guilt.

For those who don't like cakes (blasphemy!!!),  a pint of ice cream perhaps?
Pinkerton's Vanilla Nutella Ice Cream
The vanilla base is probably one of the best in town but I wished for more nutella. 

Delize by Jill Sandique is located at 33 Sunrise Drive, Cubao Q.C. For orders, call 7217022 4978811.

Contis has 8 branches in  Manila. For more information, click here.

Call Homemade by Roshan at  631-7786 or 0917-833628. For more information, click here.

Aristocrat Bakeshop has branches in Malate, Manila, tel 5247671; Bel-Air Village, Makati, tel. 8995035; Scout Gadica corner Tomas Morato and Scout De Guia Sts., QC, tel. 3711040; Robinsons Place Manila,  tel. 5233923;SM City, San Lazaro, tel. 7862664.

Becky's Kitchen is located at 1061 P. Ocampo cor. Bautista St. Singalong, Manila. It also has a branch at Valle Verde 1. For more information, call 5251648 or 5234245. 

Costa Brava is located at 12 Polaris Street Bel-Air 1, Makati City. For orders, call 8961267, 8966872, or 09178340815.

Call Pinkerton Ice Cream at 09173611329. For more information, click here

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