Saturday, November 12, 2011

Learning Basic Photography at Fort Santiago

For five Sundays I dragged my sleepy ass to Fort Santiago... 

I did not devote my Sundays appreciating the storied walls of Intramuros, mind you. 

Instead, I took basic photography lessons under the Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation (FPPF). 

 The goal was simple: To be able to take pictures using my SLR camera outside the auto mode

I'm here to report that I accomplished that and more!

I learned principles in photography such as...


Shutter Speeds


Depth of Field



Studio Lighting

The workshop also exposed me to the realities of life...

and made me aware that I don't have the patience and dedication needed to become a good photographer, so don't expect any improvement in the pictures posted in this blog(haha). I still loved every minute of the sessions though and my only regret is not taking the class sooner.

For our last assignment, we needed to submit a human condition photo. This was my effort...

Several esteemed photographers were asked to judge the photos and I was pleasantly surprised when it was announced that I had the 10th best picture in class!

My Shining Moment

Well, truth be told, our batch consisted of only 22 students so.... but that's not the point. Just be happy for me, please!

The rate of FPPF's basic photography workshop is P4,200.00. For location, schedules, workshops, and other information, click here.


leah said...

nice! i'm also interested in taking lessons. my hubby is trying to teach me how to use his DSLR...I didn't know it would take so much time and...yes, practice!

so i hardly bring the DSLR...unless I'm really up to taking shots. hehe. bigat e!

top 10 is still top 10! keep groovin' sis!

Glutton Is Me said...

True! It needs a lot of practice to excel in photography. Sadly, I don't have the drive to practice some more.

Hopefully, it will be different for you in case you decide to join a basic photography class. My classmates in the workshop actually caught the photography bug and they even organized photo tours out of town.

Good luck and here's to practicing and taking better pictures!

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