Friday, July 2, 2010

Off the Beaten Path: Santis in Silang

During the tail-end of summer, I together with a group of friends went to Batangas for one last hurrah. On the way to Batangas, we made a sidetrip to Santi’s Delicatessen-Cafe in Silang for lunch upon the suggestion of Zho & Nellie.

Stepping inside Santis in Silang, it’s as if one has never left the comforts of the city as this branch is very similar to the Santis found all over the metro. Though in the middle of the nowhere, a decent selection of hard-to-find ingredients and fresh meat can be found here.

The Silang branch is positioned as a deli-cafe offering a wide selection of dishes to satisfy diverse food preferences. One can even order meat from the deli and have it cooked in their kitchen for a reasonable fee.

My friend Curls only had soup as she was full from brunch that day.

French Onion Soup Gratinee (235php)
I also wanted something light in anticipation of all the food we will consume during the weekend.

Sashimi of Tuna with Wasabi and Soy Sauce (360php)
The dish was just ok. Not as fresh as I would have wanted it to be but a dip in soy sauce easily fixed this problem.

Here are some of the other dishes the group had for lunch:

After lunch, Zho and Nellie also bought sausages and cheese from Santis which the group enjoyed later that night.


CURLS: I never thought that I would actually enjoy pairing sausages with wine. Among all of us, I think I ate the most number of sausages. It was very delicious. The jerky chorizo was delicious as well but my only complaint was it was quite hard for my braces.

GLUTTON: Thank goodness I didn’t have Curls' dilemma as the sausages were indeed divine! Santis sausages were actually even better than some of the sausages I’ve tried in established restaurants. Aside from wine, the sausages were also good when paired with beer.

Gruyere Cave Aged Cheese

Sheep's Cheese

CURLS: The glass top display of the cheeses in Santis is the same with what I saw in Melbourne last Holy Week. The cheeses were very fresh and creamy. I greatly recommend cheeses, sausages, and the ice cold beer to any outing.

GLUTTON: I loved both cheeses and can’t decide until now which I prefer. The cheeses had distinct flavors which were further enhanced when enjoyed with red wine. I agree with Curls in saying that outings will now never be complete without these treats from Santis.

Santis Deli-Cafe is a welcome break from the crowds and commercialization of most Tagaytay establishments. It’s also a good place to buy last minute produce for those who are on overnight trips. If you have an hour to spare and would love to have an off-the-beaten-path experience, make the sidetrip to Santis Deli-Cafe in Silang. 


Santi’s Deli-Cafe is located at Km. 52 Lalaan II Aguinaldo Hi-way, Silang, Cavite. (near Ilog Maria). Tel. No:(6346) 414-0209, 414-0613. Do visit for more information.


Anonymous said...

I regularly go to Santis Silang, to fill my fridge (I am swiss), and take the opportunity to have my breakfast there, at the café. The croissants are exceptional for Philippines ! You will think you are in France, while eating them. The prices in the café are perfectly reasonable, and as it is very near from Tagaytay, I always stop there, for have a taste of all the delicacies

Glutton Is Me said...

Thank you for sharing your Santi's experience!

Anonymous said...

Having travelled the world and eating at off the beaten path restuarants, I can't believe this place existed in this part of the province. I love this place. My gf and I used to frequent this place. It's like going to a NYC deli but with a cafe with great food in "the middle of nowhere". The selection of meat and cheeses are great. The food from their menu is great. The service is great. Obviously prices are a bit high but I'm not complaining, just saying, because a lot of the selections here are imported. Don't pass it by on the way to Tagaytay if you have a chance.

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