Saturday, July 16, 2011

Touchdown, El Nido!

I found myself in one of the most enchanting spots in the Philippines, El Nido. This is the 2nd of 6 parts.

After surviving the scary plane ride, we were finally in El Nido.

We landed at the El Nido Airport and I couldn't have been more thrilled to see dry land.

How I Missed You So!

Welcome Committee

Soon after landing, we were ushered inside an open air cottage where we were given time to freshen up and have snacks (kutsinta and juice) while being welcomed by the staff of El Nido resorts. 

The Holding Area

The Bible for Every El Nido Visitor

A Few Reminders

After a brief orientation on El Nido, we started the second leg of our trip.

Just like most attractions in the Philippines, different modes of transportation were needed to reach the El Nido resorts.    

First up was this oversized jeepney which was our ride from the cottage to the dock. The trip lasted not more than 3 minutes.

How Pinoy!

Jeepney on Steroids


The Dock

We then transferred to this speedboat...

Open Air

which brought us to the bigger boat. The bigger boat was our main ride to the resorts.

Our  Main Ride


Travel time to the resorts is around 30 to 45 minutes depending on prevailing weather conditions.  The journey on the big boat was very interesting as it gave me a preview of things to come...

Pure Beauty

After 45 minutes, we were almost there....

Hello, Lagen!

Unlike the airplane ride, the second leg of our trip was relaxing and hassle-free thanks to the efficient and accommodating staff of El Nido Resorts. 

This is certainly the way to start a proper vacation!

Up next is an entry on Lagen Island Resort, my sanctuary during my two night stay at El Nido.

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