Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Staying at Lagen Island Resort

I found myself in one of the most enchanting spots in the Philippines, El Nido. This is the 3rd of 6 parts.

Lagen Island Resort was my home away from home for the two nights I was in El Nido.

Lagen Island is set in a lush forest with magnificent limestone cliffs as its backdrop. It has numerous natural coves and is surrounded by pristine waters making it truly a nature lover's paradise. With its secluded location, it is also a popular beach destination for couples and families who put a premium on their privacy. 

The moment we set foot on the Lagen property we were treated like royalty...

Their Version of Lei

A Song Number to Welcome Us

Welcome Drink

After the very warm welcome, I roamed the island wanting to discover what it has to offer. I have to say I didn't expect it to be so breathtaking...

Limestone Cliff
Do You See the School of Fish?

Closer Look

Lush Greens

Pool with A View

Aside from the marvelous views, Lagen Island Resort has modern facilities to make sure every visitor's stay is comfortable.


Dining Area

Massage Nook


Clinic for Emergencies

Pool Table
Viewing Deck
A Witness to Many a Wedding

When I finished exploring Lagen, it was time to finally settle in my room. Lagen Island Resort has different types of cottages: Water Cottages built on stilts, Beachfront Cottages, and Forest Rooms and Suites found on the fringes of the lush Lagen Forest. I was billeted in a forest room.

Row of Forest Rooms

From the Back

My Room

Sneak Peek

Admittedly, for the notoriously high rates one has to spend in order to stay in Lagen, I had loftier expectations for the room. I guess they didn't want to overdo it as this is still a beach resort after all.

TV screens are not provided in forest rooms as El Nido Resorts want a peaceful and tranquil environment throughout the island. Mobile phones are actually even encouraged to be put on silent mode to lessen noise pollution. Also, Wifi can only be accessed at the lobby.  

King Bed

Extra Bed



Shower Area

The El Nido Resorts encourage guests to use the organic soap and shampoo they provide as commercial soap and shampoo harm El Nido's environment.

When I was about to leave Lagen Island Resort,  I crossed paths with this animal:

It's truly a testament to the rich biodiversity that can be found at Lagen.

With the number of species waiting to be discovered at Lagen, it is the ideal resort for nature lovers who crave for comfort and privacy.

Lagen Island Resort is located at El Nido, Palawan. Rates start at 11,000php per person per night. For more information, click here.


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Thank you very much for intresting picture!

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Sooooooooo nice...Ive been to this beautiful place........

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