Friday, July 1, 2011

Korean Food at Ara

Ever since the Kashmir failure, I've been apprehensive to try any restaurant Murtle recommends.

I believe in second chances lol though and decided to give Ara, a Korean restaurant Murtle frequents a try.

Ara can seat a ton of people so securing a private room for our group was not a problem.

 Private Area

We Are Ready

Free Appetizers
I prefer Ye Dang's appetizer spread.

Beef Sashimi
Fresh and  tasty. Not for everyone though.

Jap Chae
I loved the consistency of the noodles.

Beef Ribs
Very flavorful. Too bad it arrived on our table a bit cold.

Pork Ribs
Again, a bit cold when  it arrived but flavors were wonderful and meat was tender.

Accommodating Server Who Cut All Our Meat Orders

More vegetables than meat so I didn't care for this.

Free Dessert

Cold food notwithstanding, Murtle got it right recommending Ara for an enjoyable, reasonably priced Korean experience.

Our friend Norbert also made everyone happy at the end of the evening by announcing that dinner's on him as a VERY late birthday treat. 

Thanks Norbert!

Ara Korean Restaurant is located at 7232 Malugay St. Bel-Air. Makati. For more information, contact 8171206.

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