Friday, November 12, 2010

Negative 145 for Fahrenheit

I’ve heard not so good reviews about 145 Fahrenheit but randomly gave it a shot. Knowing what I know, I already had low expectations going in.

Too bad my low expectations were still not met.

Complimentary Bread

Every entree at 145 Fahrenheit comes with either soup or salad and coffee, tea, or dessert.

I chose to have soup.

Roasted Pumpkin Soup
Dinner was off to a decent start with this flavorful soup. I wish the consistency of the soup was denser though.

USDA Black Angus Beef Porterhouse (1490php)
Unbelievably bad! Requested for the steak to be cooked medium well but this came out way overcooked. Very hard to chew on with natural steak juices non-existent. It had zero flavors save for the mushroom sauce it was paired with. This was also the thinnest cut of porterhouse steak I’ve eaten unless I count orders I’ve had from the Steak MD or Slice N’ Dice variety. Black Angus, I have my doubts.

Mashed Potatos
The siding of mashed potatoes was of the commercial kind. Blah.

Good thing we ordered seafood!

Tri Peppercorn Crusted Prawn with Garlic Confi (495php)  
Not really king in size but it at least had good flavors and was cooked right. The garnish was a wonderful accompaniment to the prawns with its crispy garlic bits. Redemption for 145 Fahrenheit or so I thought.

Unfortunately, I was halfway done with my prawn when I saw a strand of hair mixed with the garnish. Yes it was another HAIRY experience. Too bad I wasn’t able to take a picture as everything happened so fast. When I complained about the hairy situation, I received no apologies from the waiter but he did offer to have the contaminated prawn replaced.

It took some time before the replacement arrived and when it did, I noticed that the prawn was even smaller than the original prawn served. It also wasn’t crusted and tasted plain. Is this the proper way to treat an already displeased customer? The incident made the uninspiring meal all the more disappointing.

We also had dessert as this was part of ordering an entree.

Choco Mouse Cake
So bad nobody finished it.

I also had a complimentary mango torte cake since it happened to be my birthday.
This was better than the Chocolate Mouse Cake but not much.

Coincidentally, 145 Fahrenheit is celebrating their second year anniversary this November. I'm amazed that they have managed stay in business as restaurants this lousy usually don’t last long. Miracles do happen.

145 Farenheit is located at Upper Ground Floor Il Terazzo Mall Tomas Morato Quezon City. For more information visit their facebook page:

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