Thursday, November 18, 2010

All Time Low at Don Henrico's

Don Henrico’s is my family's favorite restaurant back in the day. It’s been a long time since we've last eaten there so I decided to have food delivered by Don Henrico's during my birthday . I now regret the trip down memory lane as Don Henrico’s proved that there are things from the past that should stay in the past.

I hate to be negative but everything we had was oh-so-bad. Bear me with folks as this will be the last negative entry in a while.

Let’s start the train wreck:

French Onion Soup (75php)
The texture was more of a mushroom soup than an onion soup. I knew this wouldn't turn out delicious but I just had to try it.

Petite Mozzrella Sticks (175php)  
An appetizer that was so heavy because it had too much breading. How can this be petite?

Dip Nachos (180php)

A complimentary item which was at least decent. Crispy nachos which I’m sure Don Henrico’s just sourced from somewhere.

Don Henrico’s Buffalo Wings (7 pieces for 720php)
Classic dish that I LOVED when I was a kid. Sadly, Don Henrico’s scrimped on the tangy sauce this time. It was also very dry and Nina noted that the oil used for frying the wings tasted old. Yuck.

Classic Carbonara (420php for sharing)
Not classic at all as the carbona had peas and carrots. Pelgene Parkus was not feeling this. One would think that a pasta place would at least make a decent version of a simple dish.

Oven Baked Ribs (360php for Double)
I immediately knew that the ribs were going to be bad the moment I laid my eyes on it. It was hard as rock and the sauce was very sweet. The flavors of the sauce were nowhere near what’s expected of a ribs sauce. To make matters worse, the sidings of sweet corn and carrots were dried out and gross looking.

Basic Cheese Pizza (420php for 14 inches)  
My siblings know their cheese pizza and this left them unimpressed.

Don Henrico’s Supreme Pizza (540php for 14 inches)  
 The best compliment this pizza got was that it was ok.

When asked to comment on the meal, Barney said: ‘Wala akong nakain na masarap!”

Truer words have never been spoken.

Don Henricos’s has branches all over the metro. I f you dare, visit for more details.

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