Monday, November 15, 2010

Good Food at GoodFellas

I’ve been searching for good burgers to try and came across GoodFellas. It’s a relatively new restaurant in Kamuning which serves burgers, steaks, and other comfort food.

Similarly, college friend Ban was raving about GoodFellas so we decided to go there with other friends Dheena and Curls.

Let’s get on with the food:
Flamingo Wings (375php)
I like my wings done the Don Henrico’s way so I didn’t enjoy how sour and spicy this tasted. Better when dipped in ranch to neutralize the taste.

Pat & Geno Sandwich (270php with fries and drink)
 Recommended by our waiter and what a good choice it was. The combination of flavorful beef plus delicious cheese oozing out of the bread makes for one dynamic sandwich. Loved this!

Margherita Burger (265php with fries and drink)
I just remember this having lots of cheese but I no longer remember how it tasted. Forgettable to say the least. Will have to try other burgers next time!

Carlito's Gang* (375php for share)
Ban ‘s favorite. Very tender and flavorful indeed! Seasoning is also just right.

GoodFellas House Steak (325php)
Best steak to be enjoyed on the cheap. Not only is the portion size huge for the price but this was also big on flavors. Are they sure that this is just local beef? Ten times better than the steak I had at 145 Fahrenheit.

It's important to note however that on my second visit, the Pat & Geno Sandwich was just so-so while the GoodFellas House Steak we requested to be cooked medium rare turned out raw. Curls investigated why the food suffered and learned that the kitchen was short on staff that night. How sad.

We also ordered a different sandwich during our second time.

Johnny Roastbeef Sandwich (270php with onion rings and drink)
Good with real beef flavors but I still prefer Pat and Geno.

I wish that GoodFellas would be more consistent in producing good food as I hate to see a restaurant full of potential go to waste.

And oh, special thanks to Ban and Dheena for the cake surprise during our first time from Cara Mia. It was yummy!

GoodFellas Steaks and Burgers is located at 56 T. Gener corner K-1st Street Kamuning, Quezon City. Contact them at 4133187. You can also visit their facebook page.

*Photo taken from GoodFellas facebook page.

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