Sunday, March 3, 2013

White Water Rafting in Davao

I'm closing my Davao series with the reason why we went to Davao: To Go White Water Rafting!!! The experience didn't disappoint and I had so much fun that I want to do it again.

Let's backtrack...

There are two rafting operators in Davao but we chose to have our adventure with the lesser known Base Camp for three reasons:
1. The early morning schedule of Base Camp brought us back to the city by 2 p.m.
2. Free pick up of  Base Camp to and fro the hotel.
3. Base Camp takes better pictures than the other rafting company in my opinion

We were picked up at 7 a.m. by Base Camp from Marco Polo Davao to their office where we first got our gear and signed waiver forms.

We then traveled more than an hour in an open air vehicle to Davao River. 
Say hello to our tour mates who posed in front of the vehicle.

When we arrived at the rafting point, the crew of Base Camp made sure that our life vests were securely fastened. We were also given tips on how to keep safe while rafting.

With safety as the number one priority, our personal guides also gave last minute instructions before we hit the waters.

The one thing we needed to learn was how to "rescue" a fellow rafter in case someone gets thrown out of the boat. This is a poor illustration of how it's done:

Our foreign tour mate shows the right way:

With this kayaker leading the group, we were ready for the rapids!

The water looked muddy because it rained the night before our rafting trip. Do note though that it's not dirty. I know since I gulped a mouthful when I went overboard. 

It was a wet and wild experience with all of us feeling pumped up braving and fighting the rapids.



Halfway in our adventure, we stopped at this falls to rest.

Group Picture

I applaud the photographer of Base Camp for being relentless in taking pictures. This group sure looked like they were having the time of their lives.

After the waterfall stop, it was time to face the most challenging leg of the trip. Conquering the Drop & Suck rapid.

The other groups managed the course without much difficulty except for US! We wiped out and got swallowed by the raging river.  While in the water, feeling the strength of the whirlpool, the key is to not panic because the life vest is there to help you eventually surface to the water. 


SUCCESS except for US

This bridge signified that the end was near.  We were tired but adrenalin was at an all time high.

I think this group perfectly captured how much fun we all had! 

I enjoyed the experience so much that I encourage everyone who visits Davao to book a white water rafting adventure.

NOTE: Rate per person is 1,500php. It includes a shirt, lunch, and CD of all the pictures. All photos taken by Base Camp.

Base Camp is located at Door 77 Madrazo Fruit Complex, C. Bangoy Street Davao City. For inquiries, call 09323500921, 0908 894 1468, (082) 305 7624 or click here.

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rafting the grand canyon said...

White water rafting is a blast. My family and I went last summer and it was great. We made a lot of memories and it is something ill never forget. Thanks for the post, it really brought up some good memories.

rafting the grand canyon

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