Sunday, March 10, 2013

Remembering the Times at Masuki

I feel nostalgic whenever I pass by Masuki in Chinatown because I spent many summer days during my childhood slurping bowl after bowl of noodles there.

Photo 7-18-12 12 53 11 PM

It's amazing that the Masuki that I remember as a child has not changed.  The fixtures, ambiance, and food they serve remain the same twenty years after.
Photo 7-18-12 12 53 01 PM

Masuki has a limited menu of noodles and short order dimsum.
Photo 7-18-12 12 38 27 PM
Masuki Noodles Menu
Here's what we ordered:
Photo 7-18-12 12 22 14 PM
Steamed Wonton

Photo 7-18-12 12 22 01 PM
Asado & Bola-Bola Siopao

Photo 7-18-12 12 21 03 PM
Special Brown Sauce & Spring Onions

Photo 7-18-12 12 21 12 PM
Original Mami

It's hard for me to be objective when reviewing Masuki because I've grown accustomed to the taste after all these years. For me, a visit always feels like going back to the familiar, comforting flavors of home.

Masuki is located at 931 Benavidez St Binondo, Manila. For more information, call 244-0745.

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