Thursday, March 1, 2012

Buzzkill at Terra Wellness Spa

After a long vacation, going to a spa is a must. 

Terra Wellness Spa at the Discovery Suites was almost perfect...

Modern Facilities

Peaceful Ambiance 

Clean Bathroom
Personalized Service

Room was also spacious and my Terra Touch Massage was heavenly. The masseuse had expert hands and it was exactly what my tired body needed. 

I forgot all the things going for Terra Wellness, however, when my thigh started cramping in the middle of the massage! Changing positions didn't help as the cramps lasted until the end of the session. 

I think I had cramps because Terra Wellness Spa is equipped with the most uncomfortable massage bed ever invented. The bed was hard as a board and it would better suit a chiropractor's office for patients who have back problems. 
Sigh, it's really hard to have it all.

Terra Wellness Spa is located at the 4th floor, Discovery Suites, ADB Avenue, Ortigas, Pasig. For more information, call 6389145 or click here.

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