Saturday, March 10, 2012

Blast from the Past: Rap's Steaks

I visited my alma matter recently and discovered that a lot of new restaurants have opened along Taft Avenue since my graduation not so long ago. I felt so old and wished we had the same dining options that the students are now enjoying.

When it was time to choose where to have dinner however, I remembered an old haunt which my friends and I used to frequent: Rap's! We loved Rap's for its cheap steaks and to die for sauce and gravy combination.

I was happy to find it still standing in the same modest location in one of the side streets of Taft Avenue fronting Gate 3 of D.L.S.U. 

Visiting Rap's was such a blast from the past as nothing has changed since the last time I was here 5 years ago:
Same Table Set-up

Same Cake Display

Same Limited Menu

I had a porterhouse steak and it looked  like any other steak that one can get from any affordable steak joint...

The secret is in the sauce really...
Worcestershire, Gravy, Spicy Vinegar

Just like old times, I combined Worcestershire sauce with the buttery goodness of the gravy and the result was dynamite! I loved the tangy, salty, and rich flavor of  the sauce mixture, transforming the ordinary piece of meat to something else. 

It's really saRap at Rap's.

Forgive me dear reader(s) for being oh-so-corny!

Rap Steaks and Cakes is located at 979 Dagonoy Street, Malate Manila. 


Anonymous said...

waah! bring me here! -shirley

Glutton Is Me said...

Ready when you are!

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