Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Back in HK with Rosedale on the Park

I was recently back in Hong Kong where I was unable to fully unleash the glutton in me. yey!!! This is the 1st of 5 parts.

I was back in Hong Kong earlier than expected. I stayed at Rosedale on the Park this time.

Rosedale on the Park is a “4 star business hotel" in Causeway Bay. We booked a junior suite for a reasonable rate of $170.00 (7,500php) per night.

Here are my thoughts on Rosedale on the Park:

LOCATION: Near Victoria Park, Rosedale on the Park is not exactly in the bustling part of Causeway Bay. The walk to the malls and shops isn't that far but there are two overpasses that one will encounter in order to get anywhere. I avoided climbing all those steps by taking the tram since there's a tram station just outside the hotel. The complimentary Airport Express Shuttle Bus also stops at Rosedale on the Park so transportation to and fro the airport is not a problem.

Construction Going On

SERVICE: Nonexistent. Aside from the friendly receptionist during check-in, it's every traveler for himself at Rosedale on the Park. No hospitality or offer of assistance from any of the staff whatsoever.


ROOM: The "suite" has obviously seen better days but it's not that bad if old furniture is your thing. Living room is spacious given Hong Kong standards and is the perfect place to relax and rest tired feet. The basic bedroom is such a disappointment but I forgot how uninviting it is when I saw the tiny bathroom. It's one of the smallest hotel bathrooms I've encountered.

Living Room


Tiny Bathroom

I now wonder what a standard room at Rosedale on the Park looks like...

Rosedale on the Park is located at 8 Shelter Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. For more information, click here.


Camie said...

Ano mas maliit ito o Wifi Hotel?

Glutton Is Me said...

Mas maliit ito! Parang nasa airplane.

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