Sunday, December 12, 2010

We are in Delicious Land!

I was recently in Hong Kong. Get to know what Hong Kong has to offer through my adventure. This is the 4th of 14 parts

After our light meal at Mix, Murtle and I went on a whirlwind of activities that left us so exhausted even before night fell.

We retreated to our hotel room for an afternoon nap which unfortunately lasted longer than both of us wished. As a result, we not only lost precious time but also woke up so hungry that we rushed to have dinner at a restaurant near Wifi Hotel.

The signage is foreign but I got a chuckle when its English menu revealed that we were in Delicious Land Restaurant.
Translation: Delicious Land!!!

Window to Tempt Passersby

What Lies Inside:

No frills

No Frills Indeed: Bathroom Tissue Roll on a Plate

Murtle and I tried simple Chinese dishes which we knew would fill us up fast.

 Spareribs with Pineapple in Orange Sauce (78HKD)
Was not too thrilled how big the pork chunks were but the meat was thankfully very tender. The orange sauce was also very addictive as it had the perfect balance of sweet and sour. Yummy yummy yummy!

Steamed White Chicken with Vegetables (130HKD)
One bite of this chicken and I’m reminded of what I’m missing in Manila. The chicken was fresh and juicy making it unnecessary to mask the chicken with any type of dipping sauce. What an order of steamed chicken should always be.

I’m not sure if we were simply too hungry or the food was just that delicious that we managed to finish everything in a jiffy.

Only Pineapples Were Left

No Matter How Hungry I Am, I Still Say No to Vegetables
The dessert in the form of an egg tart didn’t fare too well though:

Egg Tart (4HKD)
Wasn’t even warm when it reached our table. Tasted artificial and had an overwhelming lemon flavor. Pass on this.

Tarts notwithstanding, I was pleasantly surprised how delicious (lol!) our meal at Delicious Land turned out to be. It made me believe that there was no bad food to be had in Hong Kong.

Delicious Land is located at 426-430 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong.

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