Saturday, October 16, 2010

Revisiting an Old Favorite, Mely’s

There are only a few instances wherein I would gladly volunteer to become the designated driver for a road trip. Eating at Mely’s in San Fernando Pampanga is one of them.

Curls and I first learned of Mely’s three years ago from Pololo, our Kapampangan friend. Since then, Curls and I have made it a habit to visit Mely’s at least once a year.

Welcome to Mely's
Mely’s is a humble roadside eatery, which has gained popularity over the years through the power of word of mouth. Mely’s mostly offers grilled food though its sisig is what put it on the map.

Mely's Simple Menu

Don’t be surprised to see inuman sessions in Mely’s as it is also a popular drink joint for locals. We, on the other hand, surely weren’t here to drink.

 Let’s bring out the food!

Adobong Mani (20php)
Perfect way to start the festivities.

Buro at Mustasa (70php)
Buro is fermented rice with shrimps so it was no wonder I didn’t like this. A taste only Dum appreciated.

Ensaladang Mangga (50php)
One can’t go all the way to Pampanga without having this comforting mixture of tomatoes, green mangoes, and onions.

Included with the ensalada, this bagoong was very fresh with just the right amount of saltiness. One of the best I’ve tried.

The Sauces. I especially love the sauce on top.

Mely’s secret weapon. Everything tastes better when dipped in these.

Mely’s Sisig (150php)
Mely’s has continued the old tradition of serving sisig without chicharon. Devoid of the crunchy bits, the focus is solely on the flavors of the sisig. This never disappoints as its the most flavorful sisig I’ve eaten.

Hito (28php per 100grams)
This has grown to become my favorite Mely’s dish! The hito is always fresh giving it a sweet taste. Dip it in Mely’s sauce and you’re in heaven. No trip to Mely’s is complete without me ordering this dish.

Pork Barbeque (35php per stick)
Pass on this. Not bad but pales in comparison to other dishes.

Pwet ng Manok (50php per order)
Another Mely’s staple. This at first grossed me out as these are the biggest pwets I’ve seen. Good thing I wasn’t deterred as it tastes marvelous. Far superior than what Manila grills offer.

For those who appreciate Filipino food at its simplest, Mely’s is certainly worth the 1 hour trip from Manila.

Can’t wait for next year!

Mely's Bbq and Seafoods is located at San Fernando Pampanga. Better call (045)9615296 for directions and its operating hours.


Kris said...

Hi Dun and Dee,

Sent you an email about this post at your Yahoo email. Would love to hear back :) Thanks!


I want to eat! said...

I am reading your blog on Mely's. I am looking at your posts on Bale Dutung. Somehow I am thinking I will get my money's worth and much more having my lunch at a road-side eatery.

Glutton Is Me said...

Har har. Why not hit two birds with one stone? Lunch at Bale Dutung and dinner at Mely's for a full Kapampangan experience! Mely's is closed for lunch, btw!

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