Thursday, August 1, 2013

Lunch Sets at Mangetsu

If you happen to be in Makati at noon, a good place to have lunch is Mangetsu.


Mangetsu started as a hole in the wall restaurant at the Creekside Mall but has moved to a thoughtfully decorated space along Jupiter when it changed management. 


It has an extensive menu with over 200 items to choose from. We didn't have trouble ordering because they also offer lunch specials which were all under 400php. 

Murtle had her go to Japanese dish: 
Gyudon Lunch Set

The beef bowl passed Murtle's standards. Meat was tender and flavorful.

Nina ordered one of Mangetsu's most popular dish:
Chicken Karaage with 3 Kinds of Salt Set

Chicken was bland without the salts. Not my favorite but I loved the kropek.

I was craving for sashimi:
Sashimi Sampler Set
Mangetsu has a Japanese sushi chef and it shows with this beautifully prepared fresh serving of tuna, uni, and salmon. 

Undeniably, Mangetsu has one of the best deals in town for lunch. Food quality is better than most Japanese restaurants and price points are very reasonable. 

Mangetsu is located at 38 Jupiter St. Bel-Air Makati. For more information, call 4783292 or click here.

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