Thursday, April 18, 2013

Ilocos Diaries: Food Pasalubong from Ilocos

I am ending my Ilocos diaries with Ilocano food delicacies we can all bring back home to family and friends.

No trip to Ilocos is complete without buying Ilocos longganisa, bagnet, and empanada. We bought our stash at the Laoag Market and it's ideal to buy the day you are leaving Ilocos in order for it survive the long commute home.

Chichacorn is another popular Ilocos pasalubong. Buy the chichacorn with packaging below because it was the best from all the brands we tried.
Photo Grabbed from Open Rice

Tupig is a native delicacy made from glutinous rice. Unlike in Pangasinan where tupig is wrapped in banana leaves, tupig in Ilocos is cooked inside bamboo shoots. It's bulky and heavy but an interesting pasalubong nonetheless


Tupig vendors also sell kalamay but its appearance didn't appeal to me. 

Onions from Ilocos are supposedly stronger and more aromatic. When in Ilocos, buy Ilocos onions because it's around 50% cheaper compared to Manila.

Tongson's Royal Bibingka is another popular delicacy from the North. I didn't particularly appreciate that the bibingka was more sticky than starchy. 


Our tour guide/van driver also made us stop at Pasuquin Bakery which is famous for its biscochio. We tried it out but didn't get what the fuss was all about. Even so, I wouldn't discourage those who are  biscochio lovers to visit the store.

My favorite pasalubong from Ilocos was the malunggay bread we bought from Durong's. 


The mini breads were baked to order ensuring freshness.

I didn't expect to even like this little veggie bread but it was love at first bite. Sweet and hot with flavors that  didn't remind me of vegetables. I'm not the only one because out of all the food I brought home, this was the big hit with my family.

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san po makakabili ng chichacorn? dito sa manila area?

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