Friday, April 12, 2013

Biscoff Spreads and Cookies For Sale in Manila

We would like to interrupt regular programming to announce that Biscoff products will soon be available at Cookie Butter Manila.

Here are the Biscoff products available at Cookie Butter Manila:

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For those who are unfamilar with Biscoff, allow us to introduce the products:

Biscoff Creamy Spread (450php)
Biscoff Spread turns Biscoff cookies into a sumptuous, spreadable treat which is perfect for spreading on toast, dipping in apples, adding as a secret ingredient in desserts, or enjoying straight out of the jar! Biscoff spreads are all natural and contain no nuts, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Biscoff Spread is a sweet creamy spread made with Biscoff cookies (57%). Enjoy it just like a chocolate spread or peanut butter.

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Biscoff Crunchy Spread (550php)
Biscoff fans, get ready for a new obsession! Crunchy Spread takes the creamy delight you already crave and add chunks caramelized Biscoff cookies. Imagine the possibilities: crunchy Biscoff Spread on toast, on waffles, as frosting layers in holiday cookies or tortes – or just licked off the spoon. It is made with over 66% Biscoff Cookie.

Biscoff Cookies Family Pack (275php)

Biscoff Cookies Individually Packed (10php)
Delectably crunchy, with a caramelized flavor, Biscoff cookies are the perfect treat all by themselves or complemented with a beverage. These unparalleled European cookies are made using the same recipe since 1932 that travelers fell in love with from in-flight distribution.

For orders and inquiries, don't hesitate to email

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