Thursday, February 21, 2013

Staying at Pearl Farm Beach Resort Davao

The most popular resort in Davao is Pearl Farm so my friends and I stayed there for a night.

From Pearl Farm's website:
Nestled In the idyllic islands of Samal & Malipano, The Pearl Farm Beach Resort is a former cultivation farm for luxurious south sea pearls. Now, it continues its essence of prime luxury as a premier destination in the Philippines and as a perfect hideaway for those in search of blissful retreat.

Due to the unfortunate stranded-in-the-middle-of-the-sea incident, it was already late when we arrived at Pearl Farm.
Welcome Drinks

Pearl Farm at Night

We stayed in a Samal room which was perched above water level and was patterned after stilt houses. I failed to take a picture of our room but believe me when I say that the room was old and needed sprucing. 

Pearl Farm offers buffet dinner for guests but we passed because the options didn't look appetizing.
Buffet Dinner Dishes

We chose to order ala carte and food quality was decent with prices reasonable considering that we were staying in a resort.
Photo 5-18-12 8 25 56 PM
Binakol Soup

Photo 5-18-12 8 24 45 PM

Photo 5-18-12 8 24 21 PM
Crispy Pata

Photo 5-18-12 8 48 59 PM

Photo 5-18-12 8 49 35 PM
Crispy Chicken

We capped dinner with complimentary cake given by Pearl Farm to celebrate the anniversary of our  friends Frank & Anj. 
                 Photo 5-18-12 9 04 45 PM

The next day we headed straight to Maranao Restaurant for breakfast.
Maranao Restaurat

Food selection was a few notches higher than what Pearl Farm offered during dinner.

After a hearty meal of waffles, bacon, and everything in between, I finally got the chance to explore Pearl Farm Beach Resort:
Parola Bar



Swimming Pool

Souvenir Shop

Ylang-ylang Spa

Mandaya Weaving Center

Tennis Court

Truth be told, the beach fronting Pearl Farm is not ideal for swimming and it's better to head to Malipano, a private island owned by the resort.    
Malipano Island

I was pleasantly surprised that Malipano Island had fine white sand and clear blue waters.
Sand Bar at Malipano

Guests can also take part in water sports activities at Malipano. Just make sure to book in advance with the front desk.

Before lunch, we took the ferry from Pearl Farm back to the city. I didn't wish to have stayed longer because the resort had seen better days and it didn't live up to hype. 

On a positive note, Pearl Farm Beach Resort is currently undergoing renovations, so I'm sure future vacationers will have a better appreciation of the resort. 

Pearl Farm Beach Resort is located at Kaputian, Island Garden City of Samal, Davao. For more information, click here.

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