Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Eating Our Way Through Davao City

I know there are a lot of things one can do when in Davao City, but aside from zorbing...

Rolling Down the Hill

my friends and I wasted most of our time indulging in food related activities.

We first went to the Crocodile Park where there's a row of restaurants that prepare crocodile meat.
Riverwalk Grill

Having had a previous bad experience eating crocodile meat, I can only watch as my brave friends try these exotic dishes:
Croc Sisig

Crocodile Steak

Croco Roast Ribs

Still at the Crocodile Park, there was a line forming for Sweet Spot Ice Cream parlor so we all got curious.

It turned out that Sweet Spot offers unique flavors such as crocodile-durian which had a taste profile and texture that weirded me out.

During our stint in the city, we also went to Abreeza Mall and randomly chose to eat at Ranchero. It was only later that I learned that Ranchero is a popular local restaurant known for its ribs.
Photo 5-20-12 6 33 30 PM

Food at Ranchero reminded me how comforting it is to eat good Filipino food 
Photo 5-20-12 5 39 19 PM
Complimentary Starter

Photo 5-20-12 5 56 01 PM
Fried Squid

Photo 5-20-12 6 34 01 AM
Seafood Soup

Photo 5-20-12 5 54 28 PM
Sizzling Sisig

Photo 5-20-12 5 58 06 PM
Bagoong Rice

Photo 5-20-12 5 57 11 PM
Salted Egg & Chicharon Rice

Photo 5-20-12 5 57 24 PM
Baby Back Ribs

Photo 5-20-12 6 01 17 PM
Lechon Kawali

Most say that a trip to Davao is also not complete without eating at Ahfat Seafood Plaza

While the food was not bad, I would have preferred if we went elsewhere because dining in this local institution felt like eating at any other Chinese restaurant back home (read: nothing exciting or different).  On the plus side, our bill was a whole lot cheaper compared to what we usually pay in Manila.
Photo 5-19-12 8 28 29 PM
Shark's Fin Soup

Photo 5-19-12 8 38 28 PM
Sweet ad Sour Ribs

Photo 5-19-12 8 49 02 PM
Broccoli in Oyster Sauce

Photo 5-19-12 8 38 39 PM
Sauteed Prawns

Photo 5-19-12 8 39 52 PM
Fried Eel

Photo 5-19-12 8 38 15 PM
Crab Sotanghon

Photo 5-19-12 8 43 52 PM
Steamed Crabs

If all the eating wasn't enough, we also chose to buy food for our pasalubong needs. Before going home, we dropped by Magsaysay Market for durian and suha....


and Lola Abon's, home of the best durian candy, for our candy fix.
Photo 5-20-12 3 55 32 PM

Photo 5-20-12 3 52 00 PM

Photo 5-20-12 3 52 07 PM

Although Davao is not really known as a food capital, there certainly are a lot of restaurants in the city that make the eating experience worthwhile.

Riverwalk Grill is located at Davao Crocodile Park. For more information, call (082)2219643.
Sweet Spot Ice Cream is located at Davao Crocodile Park. For more information call (082) 225 0184 or 09152071607. 
Ranchero is located at 3/f Abreeza Ayala Mall J.P. Laurel Avenue, Davao City. For more information, click here.
Ahfat Seafood Plaza has 4 locations in Victoria Plaza Compound J.P. Laurel Avenue, Bajada, Davao City. For more information, call (082)2240002 or (082)2262688.
Lola Abon's is located at 23 San Miguel Village Matina Davao. For more information, click here.

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