Sunday, November 18, 2012

Street Food Korean Style

Since we were watching Nanta, we no longer had time for proper dinner during our first night in Korea. I didn't mind because I was eager to try Korean street food.

The Nanta Theater is located in Myeongdong where a lot of food carts set up shop at night. Scouting the busy streets of Myeongdong, I realized that when it comes to street fare, Koreans are not wanting in options.

I had a sensory overload looking at all the food choices making me wish to try almost everything in sight! I tried my best to do exactly that in our five days in Korea. 

I thought it would have a unique taste but it's just like any other hotdog one can find in any street corner around the world.

Hotteok or Filled Korean Pancake
There was a long line in one of the stalls so I got curious.  Hotteok is made from fried dough filled with brown sugar, cinnamon, and nuts. Oily and sweet which I loved!!! 

Odeng or Fish Cake
A healthy street food option which is perfect during a cold winter night. Drink the lightly sweetened broth to warm the body. 

Dakkocchi or Chicken Barbeque Skewers
Chicken was tender with a sweet and spicy glaze. Wished the meat could have been warmer though.

No salt no flavor. Pass!

Squid Flakes
It was oily but it was also very crispy. So fresh making it too easy for me to finish the bag. 

Meat Bun
Very similar to what we have in the Chinese delis in Manila. Chewy crust and flavorful meat.

French Fry Wrapped Hotdog
I was sure that I would love this but it was already cold when I had a bite. Make sure to buy a stick fresh from the frying pan.

Was I able to try all that I wanted to try? Not exactly, but I think I was able to cover some of the most popular Korean street food items so I left Korea satisfied.

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