Sunday, August 26, 2012

Say It Ain't So: Ukokkei's Shutdown

Sad that as of this writing, Ukokkei Ramen Ron remains closed after being involved in a little controversy


For now, I can only reminisce dining at the joint that serves the best ramen in town.
Makati branch

I have to admit that one can skip the non-ramen offerings because it's nothing to write home about:
Gyoza (120php)

Photo 6-11-12 7 11 04 PM
Ebi Mayonnaise (220php)

Photo 6-11-12 7 10 57 PM
Beef Saikoro Steak (260php)

It's really all about the ramen...
Photo 6-11-12 7 13 45 PM
Aji Tamago(160php)
Order some eggs  to go with your ramen.

Photo 6-11-12 7 11 10 PM
Tantanmen (390php)
Limited bowls every day so make sure to be at the restaurant early. Very rich with deep, complex flavors. 

Photo 6-11-12 7 10 51 PM
Tonkokkei Ramen (360php)
Clean broth perfect for a rainy day. The simple broth made me appreciate how fresh the noodles were. 

Photo 6-11-12 7 11 17 PM
Ukokkei Miso Butter (360php)
The broth was not as rich as Tantanmen but not as simple as Tonkokkei. I guess this was just right? lol

For now, we at least have the Malate branch to go to, but it's just not the same. Here's hoping to the reopening of the Makati branch asap!

Update: Good news folks! As of September 20 2012, Ukokkei Ramen Ron Makati has reopened.

Ukokkei Ramen Ron is located at 822 Aranaiz Ave. San Lorenzo Village, Makati. To check if it's already back in business call 8564588. The Malate branch is located at 888 Gateway Plaza 2126 A. Mabini St. Malate Manila. For more information, call 5165511 or 09154635286.

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