Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ching Guan Market

I was in Taipei for a quick 3 day getaway. It was more of a sightseeing excursion but we did manage to squeeze in a few culinary adventures along the way! This is the 9th of 10 parts.

We visited the Ching Guan Market thanks to an inspiring post by jinlovestoeat. I think it would been better though if we went to Ching Guan at night since some stalls were closed.

At least the goose place was open!

Roasted Goose
I found the goose salty but it was tender and had a clean taste.

Next stop was this noodle stall...

Sesame and Peanut Noodle Soup
Not a fan of beansprouts but enjoyed the strong sesame and peanut flavors. Didn't care for the thick consistency of the soup though.

We also explored the dry goods market and chanced upon this small bake shop.

Fried Doughnut with Milk
I'm a sucker for any kind of fried bread and this was no exception. Crispy and sweet!

How I wish we skipped this pancake stall...

Cheese and Corn Pancake
 It might look appetizing but it was served with a strand of CURLY hair! Eww!!!

Needless to say we got traumatized and left the market soon after.

For those who want to experience the flavors of a small neighborhood market, Ching Guan might be the place for you. Just skip the pancake stall.

Ching Guan Market is located at Lane 2, NóngĀn St, Jhongshan District, Taipei (near Zhong Shan N Rd, Sec 3). From the Minquan W. Rd MRT red line station, take a 5 minute cab ride.

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