Friday, July 30, 2010

Perfecting Mediocrity at Origami

We decided to give Origami, the newest Japanese restaurant in Greenbelt 5, a try. As I was full from a meal I had earlier, I just ate some maki from the platter our group ordered.

I was able to sample three kinds of maki and found all so-so. Nothing really bad about it but nothing to rave about either. It was safe, ordinary, and forgettable.

As it isn’t fair to judge a restaurant with just one dish, I also asked my friends to give their opinion about Origami.

PRISTINE: I didn’t like the food at Origami that much. The sashimi at Omakase is better while Konbini has better Ramen.

TEEJ: Origami has ordinary food that’s not delicious. Menu was also vague. So unremarkable that I almost forgot that we ate there. SNOOZE. Origami is also expensive when you consider the quality. My Onigiri had too much rice that easily broke when I was eating it.

VICS: 3 out of 5 stars. I enjoyed the salmon maki. My Tamago however wasn’t as memorable and soft as the one I had at Seryna.

WAMIE: I feel happier eating at Omakase. My order of Uni on Rice had too much rice and too little uni.

It turns out that it just wasn't me as everyone was underwhelmed with Origami. Origami could have fared better in a different location but there’s no bigger crime than having uninspired, bland food in Greenbelt 5 where restaurants that have something to say are aplenty.

Origami is at located at the 1st floor Greenbelt 5 Legaspi St. Makati.

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