Monday, July 19, 2010


I remember disagreeing with Curls when she claimed that Platinum KTV along Polaris is a better karaoke option than CenterStage.

While I haven’t been to Platinum, I just feel strongly about CenterStage’s superiority since I have always been satisfied with my karaoke experience there. A recent celebration at Centerstage Timog has given me the opportunity to defend my case.

A surprise party was thrown for good friend Frank at The Sala Room of CenterStage Timog. The Sala Room can accommodate up to 50 guests.

The mini bar greets guests upon entry. This is a good place to hang out and somehow escape the noise generated by the frustrated singers in the room.

Take note of the green laser lights that add to the party atmosphere.

Here’s where all the singing happens... the karaoke area! It was very comfortable lounging around in this space making me forget that we were there to sing. Truth be told, I didn’t manage to finish a single song that night. 

It was also a nice touch to have members of The Beatles and Elton John as the backdrop of this space. Those who are not musically inclined will find themselves in a singing mood when they see these music legends.

At first I thought that the Sala Room had two areas reserved for karaoke fun but soon learned that another TV screen was meant for playing Wii. Unfortunately, the Wii console was not available during our celebration and we were instead given different sets of board games as an alternative. I don’t know what they were thinking but at least they tried.

The Sala Room at Centerstage Timog is a good venue for big groups to celebrate any occasion. Aside from the superior facilities, CenterStage also offers decent food and drinks, all at reasonable rates. I also heard from birthday boy Frank that CenterStage was responsible for dressing up the place with balloons and other birthday paraphernalia which helped set the tone for the night. CenterStage certainly goes the extra mile for the ultimate party experience.

CURLS, may ganito ba sa Platinum KTV???

CenterStage party packages start at 6,000php good for 10 people. Inclusive of food, drinks, three hours of karaoke, bottle of wine or cake, room decor, and free corkage for 3 bottles of liquor.

CenterStage Timog is located at 2nd Flr, CTTM, Timog Cor. Tomas Morato QC. For more information and their Jupiter location, pls. visit

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