Friday, March 11, 2011

Wai Ying is Comfort Food

What do you do when you’re feeling blue?

Some shop.

Others indulge in a relaxing massage.

I, on the other hand, eat at Wai Ying  where the familiar flavors of the food never fail to comfort me.

Wai Ying is a popular joint in Chinatown that serves good dimsum at affordable price points.

Just leave your expectations of sophistication at the door, as ambiance is nonexistent in Wai Ying.
Mop for Everyone to See

A trip to Wai Ying is never complete without me ordering:

Pork Siomai (60php)
One of the better versions of siomai in Chinatown. Flavorful with real pork goodness.

Taosi Spareribs (55php)
I first discovered the wonders of Wai Ying’s spareribs more than a decade ago and I've never grown tired of it. Perfect balance of meat and fat with the light sauce allowing the meat to shine. A must try!

Hakaw (65php)
Fresh and plump. Shrimps are also huge. 

White Chicken Rice (110php)
Make sure not to get the breast part as those tend to be dry. Decent version of steamed chicken with the spring onions adding flavor to the dish.

Buchi (55php)
Best way to end a meal at Wai Ying. Sweet and crispy. Best eaten piping hot.

I also never fail to bring home some food from Wai Ying for my brothers to eat:
Fried Wanton (120php)
One can do no wrong with fried food. Addictingly good.

Asado Siopao (55php)
I'm not a fan of siopao but Wai Ying's siopao has earned raves from my brothers. 

I'll end this post by sharing the menu of Wai Ying in the hopes that it will encourage more people to visit Chinatown for a taste of Wai Ying as it's certainly worth the trip.

Wai Ying is located at 1237 to 1241 Benavidez St. Tondo, Manila. Contact 2543318 for more information. It also has a branch at the heart of Chinatown in Ongpin.

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