Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Ever Reliable Café de Coral

I was recently in Hong Kong. Get to know what Hong Kong has to offer through my adventure. This is the 9th of 14 parts

Café de Coral is a popular quick service restaurant in Hong Kong which offers good food at reasonable prices. It also has a wide selection of food choices as menu changes through breakfast, lunch, tea time, and dinner.

Causeway Bay branch

So popular in fact that Cafe de Coral is still full of people at 3 p.m.

Its roast specialties are always a hit as shown by the long line here:

I usually go for the white chicken and roast duck combo, but opted to try something new to me this time.
Baked Thick Cut Porkchop with Rice (32 HKD)
While the presentation could be improved, the dish hits the mark as porkchop is very soft and the tomato sauce complements both meat and  rice spectacularly. Serving is also huge as one order can actually be shared by two people.

Hotdog with Dried Tomato and Herb Sausage (17 HKD)
Café de Coral proves there’s no bad food to be had here with even a simple hotdog managing to shine. The hotdog has a smoky taste with the condiments and the fresh vegetables giving it full flavors. One million times better than Ikea’s!!!

The hotdog meal comes with milk tea which Murtle said was excellent.
Milk Tea

As expected, Café de Coral managed to deliver good comforting food! No wonder I always make it a point to visit Café de Coral whenever I’m in Hong Kong.

Cafe de Coral is located all over Hong Kong. For more information, pls. click here.

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