Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sans Rival Bistro in Dumaguete

From Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort, we returned to Dumaguete to take a ferry that will bring us to Bohol. 

But first, we had lunch at Sans Rival Bistro which was not only conveniently situated near the port but is also home to the famous silvanas of Dumaguete. Sans Rival Bistro stands out from the rows of restaurants along Rizal Boulevard because of its modern look.

There's an al fresco dining area for those who want to enjoy the fresh breeze from the sea.

Al Fresco Area

Pre-cooked meals displayed carinderia style are available at San Rival Bistro but we preferred to order ala carte:
Sizzling Fries
Would have loved it better with cheese!

Bistro Signature Salad
Fresh crunchy vegetables

Pritchon Pockets
Enjoyable appetizer with authentic flavours

Seafood Paella

Moist with generous serving of fresh seafood

San Rival Bistro has a cake window with many inviting sweets but it's best to order the classic silvanas to avoid disappointment.

Cakes, Cakes, Cakes

Butter Sansrival
 At less than 30php a slice, it's no surprise that this was just ordinary. 

Chocolate Silvanas
I applaud the effort but the chocolate experiment didn't work.

Do not leave Sans Rival Bistro without buying a box of silvanas. It's buttery with just the right level of sweetness. Best pasalubong from Dumaguete.


Sans Rival Bistro is located at 3 San Jose Street, Dumaguete. For more information, call (035)4210338 or click here.

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