Thursday, June 26, 2014

India Day Five: Lunch and Dinner in Jaipur

When we were in Jaipur, we made an effort to hit two hotel restaurants we wanted to try. We had lunch at Samode Haveli to check out its impressive interiors while dinner was at Laxmi Mishthan Bhandar or LMB, an old institution that only serves vegetarian dishes.

Samode Haveli is a heritage hotel which used to be the manor house of the Royal Family. It was built 175 years ago and reflected the style of the family  and architecture of the times.

Samode Haveli has been beautifully restored and is perfect for travellers who want a unique and memorable experience.
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Lounge Area

Having a meal at Samode Haveli means eating at the former dining hall of the Royal Family. It's a magnificent room adorned with colourful hand-painted murals. 

Corner Detail

Lovely Nook

There's a choice between traditional Rajasthani cuisine and international flavors at Samode Haveli and we decided to order a mix of both. The food was average but the ambiance more than made up for it. Make sure to reserve in advance when dining here.
Garlic Bread


Beetroot and Watermelon Soup (700rupees)

Pan Grilled Eggplant Salad (400 rupees)

Butter Chicken Curry (650rupees)

Home Style Mutton Curry (650rupees)

Laxmi Misthan Bhandar (LMB), on the other hand, is a local hotel, sweet shop, and restaurant built in 1954. It's supposed the be the first 3 star hotel in Jaipur.

The sweet shop is especially famous for the tempting sweets and snacks displayed behind the glass counters. 


The restaurant at LMB is strictly vegetarian and doesn't even allow the use of onions and garlic in any of its dishes. It goes without saying that alcohol is also not served.  

Eating at a vegetarian restaurant was a challenge because I love my meat but I was able to survive by eating lots of breads and potatoes!!! While eating at LMB was not exactly filling, I did appreciate the authentic Rajasthani experience I had.
Garlic Naan (65 rupees)

Potato Chop (120 rupees)
Round fried potato patties stuffed with lentil, nuts, and rare spices

Raj Thali (450 rupees)
A selection of traditional Indian dishes including papad mangori soup, mer sangri, kadhi, vegetables and bread

Vegetarian Cordon Bleu (390 rupees)
An LMB special baked sizzler served with French fries.

LMB Special (270 rupees)
Stuffed Cottage Cheese Deep Fried Served in Rich Gravy

LMB Kulfa (90 rupees)
Ice cream with dried fruits flavored with saffron decorated with LMB Milk Syrup

Samode Haveli is located at  Gangapole, Jaipur, Rajasthan. For more information, call +91 141 263 2407 click here
LMB is located at 98-10,Opp IDBI Bank, Johari Bazar Road, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302003, India. For more information, call +91 141 400 1616.

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