Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Staying at Miniloc Island Resort

When I first visited El Nido a couple of years back, I vowed to return with my nature loving family. I just knew that they would appreciate the beauty of El Nido as much as I did.

Unlike last time where I stayed at the more private and secluded Lagen Island Resort, my family and I spent two nights at Miniloc Island Resort. 

Miniloc Island Resort caters to families with its rustic and native design, buffet style meals, and facilities for the young and young at heart. 

Miniloc Shore

Daily Upkeep

Water Cottages

Though Miniloc is less luxurious than Lagen, it's not wanting in facilities:

Playing Billiards with A View

Table Tennis By the Beach

Photo 5-15-12 7 46 56 AM
Live Monkeys Everywhere


Photo 5-15-12 8 08 50 PM
Inside the Activity Center

Photo 5-15-12 7 09 55 AM

Miniature Cottage

Photo 5-16-12 9 50 06 AM

There are several room options at Miniloc Island Resort and here are the rooms we got to see.

The Garden Cottage room is the most affordable room in Miniloc. 
Photo 5-15-12 7 07 24 AM
Garden Cottage

It's compact but can accommodate up to 3 people. Perfect for families with teenagers who want to be on their own.
Inside the Garden Cottage

Another room option is the Seaview room. This veranda offers breathtaking views of the sea.
Photo 5-16-12 9 06 13 AM
Seaview Room

The Seaview room can accommodate up to 4 people with its loft layout.
1st Floor

It can feel claustrophobic staying at the attic though.
Beds in the Attic

Miniloc Island Resort also has Deluxe Seaview Rooms.
Deluxe Seaview Rooms from the Sea

The Deluxe Seaview Room is less rustic with its concrete walls and high ceilings. It's ideal for parents who are after the comforts of the city.

Though spacious at 44sqm, the Deluxe Seaview Room is only good for 2 people. 

Shower Area

Balcony with A View

Overall, we were happy with the rooms we booked with Miniloc Island Resort. Although far from being luxurious, the Miniloc rooms were clean and comfortable,  perfect for some rest and relaxation.

My next  entry will be about the food at Miniloc Island Resort!

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