Monday, April 2, 2012

A Series of Firsts at ECFA Hotel

I was in Taipei for a quick 3 day getaway. It was more of a sightseeing excursion but we did manage to squeeze in a few culinary adventures along the way! This is the 1st of 10 parts.

We stayed at ECFA Hotel for our 3 days in Taipei. 

We chose ECFA Hotel for the following reasons:
  • Central Location: ECFA Hotel is located in the heart of Ximenting, the entertainment, shopping, and food district of Taipei.
  • Affordable Rates: For less than 100 USD per night for a triple sharing room, there's no better bargain to be had within the area.
  • New Facilities: ECFA Hotel opened just a year ago so we at least didn't have to deal with smelly rooms or moldy tiles.
  • Complimentary Wifi: It came in handy for some last minute planning.

I just didn't know that by choosing to stay at ECFA Hotel, I was going to experience a series of firsts...

We arrived at past midnight and after check-in, it was the first time I've had to cross the street with luggage in tow because the room we paid for was located one block away from the actual premises of the hotel! (Say what?)  

We found ourselves in front of a seedy looking building...

and had to take an even seedier looking elevator...

which had an exposed ceiling...

to finally arrive at the "annex" of ECFA Hotel.

Our adventure didn't end there as we had to drag our luggage on these steps in order to reach our room!

Our triple room although sparsely decorated (read: all white), was comfortable, roomy, and clean. 

with Japanese bath

ECFA Hotel was also generous with supplies,

UCC Coffee

albeit too generous in my opinion. Condoms as part of the in house freebies? Another first for me!
Hotel or Motel... You Be the Judge

In fairness to ECFA Hotel, the buffet selection during breakfast was ample with a mix of Western and Chinese dishes.
Lobby Turned Breakfast Hall

Here are some food options:



Soy Milk

Spring Rolls


Chinese Dimsum

Meat with Vegetables



My breakfast plates over the course of three days:
Ham, Steamed Bun, Fried Something

Cold Noodles

Fries and Sausages (the sausages were real good!)


In the end, however, I can't get over the fact that one gets free access to porn when staying at ECFA Hotel! The interesting picture below showed up when I was surfing channels while waiting for my travel companions to finish getting ready for breakfast. Yes, breakfast!!!!

I know I've been saying that traveling is all about gaining new experiences, but porn for breakfast is one first that I certainly can live without.

ECFA Hotel is located at 101 Chengdu Road Wanhua, Taipei, Taiwan. For more information, click here

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