Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Japan Day Seven: The End of the Tour

The 7th day in Japan was our last day traveling with a tour group but we still had some business to attend to. We first had breakfast at Marriott's Pergola Coffee Shop.
Breakfast with a View

The buffet spread was not wanting in choices, but I made a conscious effort to control myself:


The day was spent with work related activities but we did get some free time late in the afternoon. Our hotel Nagoya Marriott Associa is located directly above the Nagoya train station so I just explored the area. The Nagoya train station can get busy during peak hours. 

There was a Takashimaya in the train station...

but I spent most of my time looking for bargains inside this 5 storey building.

We then walked to our dinner destination since it was near the hotel.

Welcome to Kisoji Shabushabu!

The dining experience was intimate because the entire restaurant was reserved for our tour group.

We had...





and the specialty of the restaurant:
Matsusaka Beef

According to our tour guide, Japanese prefer Matsusaka beef compared to Kobe beef because of Matsusaka's high fat-to-meat ratio (just look at the marbling!). Matsusaka beef also comes with a certificate guaranteeing that the meat is virgin making it extra tender. 

The beef was cooked for only a few seconds 

then we were instructed to dip it in this peanut sauce. The meat indeed was very tender but I wished that we also had it grilled because heaven for me is eating lots of pieces of grilled fatty meat.

Nevertheless, the Matsusaka meal was a beautiful way to finish the 7 day tour and after dinner, it was time to bid our guides, hosts, and tour mates goodbye. It truly was a fun and eventful journey,...

but tomorrow, the real adventure begins!

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