Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Fine Meal at Gunther's

Singapore Day 2
Gunther's Modern French Cuisine
12:53 p.m.

Singapore is truly a food lover's paradise. 

Aside from the cheap but delicious meals available in hawker centers, Singapore also boasts of several notable fine dining establishments.

The Miele Guide, a body that ranks the top restaurants in Asia, in fact, included 5 restaurants from Singapore for its annual Top 20 Restaurants in Asia list. 

Our party of four decided to dine at Gunther's Modern French Cuisine, the 13th best restaurant in Asia, if you happen to believe the 2010/2011 edition of the publication.

 Here's the write-up on Gunther's from The Miele Guide:

"Three years after its opening, Gunther’s Modern French Cuisine has steadily built and developed itself from just another food and beverage establishment along Singapore’s Purvis Street to an inductee into this year’s San Pellegrino World’s Best Restaurants list, at 84th spot. The appeal of Gunther’s is in its steadfast commitment to simplicity, without forsaking taste or quality. Diners shell out top dollar for an experience that excites but doesn’t overwhelm. Chef-owner Gunther Hubrechsen’s food is always light, clean and refined, with little embellishment but plenty of flavour. To put it simply, his brand of food is stamped by his delicate, knowing touch, which invariably appeals to lighter, more sophisticated palates."

Gunther's Modern French Cuisine is situated along a quiet and charming street, a location perfect for a leisurely gastronomic experience. 

Given Gunther's compact but tastefully decorated space, it is also ideal for intimate gatherings or small celebrations.

Lunch started with the head waiter showing and describing the specials of the day. I wasn't paying too much attention though as I was too busy scanning the menu.

Service was also superb with our warm Filipino waiter making sure that we were comfortable and had everything we needed. He was also very patient and helpful in answering our questions.

Complimentary Bread
Hot and soft because it was fresh from the oven. They were generous with this bread and I managed to eat two pieces of bread even before the actual meal started.

Complimentary Chicken Rice
Our waiter surprised us with a bowl of complimentary chicken rice when we asked him where to find the best chicken rice in Singapore. I have to say that I was impressed by the authenticity of the flavors though I'm not sure why they have this in their kitchen.

Cold angel hair pasta, Oscietra caviar
One of Gunther's signature dish is this cold pasta. I have to admit that it took a few bites before I started to enjoy the cold aspect of this dish but the exquisite flavors eventually won me over with the truffle oil and caviar combination simply too good and delicate to resist. Uniquely tasty!

Grilled Bamboo Clam, Provencale Style
One of the specials of the day. Perfectly cooked with a sweet, clean, and fresh taste. I wish we ordered more!

Sunny side up, Portbello mushroom
My favorite of the appetizers! This is saying something for I usually loathe mushrooms. The portbello mushroom was so juicy that I could have been fooled into thinking that I was actually eating meat.

Coquille of pasta, grilled Kurobuta pork shoulder,  Truffle Juice, Parmesan cheese
Another yummy dish! Wonderful play of textures with the tender beef and al dente pasta creating fireworks in my mouth. Creamy to boot.

Gunther's creation
We ordered a lunch set and the entree we chose is this piece of meat. Such value for money as the meat was not bad at all. Comparable with some of the better steaks I've had here in Manila.

Oven roasted "Cote de Boeuf", flambe
And finally, the star of the show.

Close-up look

The head waiter flambed the meat in front of us.

It was then returned to the kitchen to be plated. It was a beautiful piece of meat that didn't need the bearnaise sauce it was paired with. It was also perfectly cooked and I simply adored my portion of fat. It was the perfect way to cap the fine meal we had at Gunther's.

Loved that they served this as well.

Desserts are not my calories of choice but I remember enjoying the two desserts presented to us:

Raspberry Flan

Petit Four

Gunther's didn't disappoint and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to have a fine meal in Singapore without completely breaking the bank. 

Gunther's is located at 36 Purvis Street, #01-03, Singapore. For more information, click here.

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