Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Night at Microtel Luisita

Not so long ago, I found myself in Tarlac. (don't ask why!!!)

I had to look for a clean but affordable place to stay and found Microtel Luisita.

For less than 2,500php a night, I was able to stay in a standard room.

 I was pleasantly surprised that the room was of decent size and wasn't dated at all. The bed was also very inviting and comfortable. I was not a fan of the mirror behind the bed though as it gave me the creeps.

I'm happy to report that the bathroom though simple and basic was very clean. There was also no shortage of hot water.

Makeshift Breakfast Area
Every room comes with a free breakfast coupon and due to limited space, breakfast is served at the lobby of  Microtel Luisita. Service is buffet style and fares were quite standard but filling. 

The only problem some guests might have with Microtel Luisita is its out of the way location. It is situated in a dead spot but Microtel Luisita does offer free shuttle service to the nearest commercial complex. Also, since Microtel Luisita's kitchen is not well-equipped, one has to order from nearby restaurants or settle for the vending machine when hunger strikes.

Overall though, Microtel Luisita was a decent comfortable stay in the middle of nowhere.

Microtel Inn and Suites Luisita is located at Luisita, Tarlac. For more information, click here.

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