Monday, February 28, 2011

Foot Zone Treat

Curls was kind enough to surprise me with a gift voucher from Foot Zone.

We tried Foot Zone in no time.

Lobby is well lit and space is huge. The place reminds me of a popular spa I once visited in Thailand.

Our room is just right for two people. It also has La-Z-Boy chairs which certainly help in making one feel comfortable at the start of the session. There's also a TV screen inside the room for those who prefer to entertain themselves while having a massage.

The only service available at Foot Zone is Foot Reflexology with Body Massage. It costs 500php for an hour and 20 minutes. Add 100php if you prefer a therapist from China.

Massage starts with a soak in this tea colored solution. It gives the feet a refreshing feeling after. Techniques used during the massage are good. Every touch serves its purpose and gives temporary relief to the body.  I also appreciate the fact that the massage didn't concentrate on the feet as I feared. It has equal parts feet and rest of the body.

 Foot Zone, however, fails in giving a relaxing experience since I had to switch positions multiple times. Also, expect lulls as therapist will leave the room more than once to get massage paraphernalia (sticks, towels, etc.).  It is distracting and is a mood breaker.

In any case, the massage is pleasurable enough and is a decent massage parlor option. 

Thanks Curls for the treat!

Foot Zone is located at 17 Annapolis St. Greenhills, San Juan. For more information, contact 7051301 or 09214988889.

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